Homecoming 17 bells of St. Danilov Monastery. Bremerhaven – the St. Petersburg Veliky Novgorod – Tver – Moscow.

From the port of Boston in the direction of Russia went to the ship, which was carrying 17 historic Danilov bells. September 1 LLC “Largus” took the relay for the return of the Danilov bells at home in the German port of Bremerhaven.

September 1 bell ensemble weighing more than 24 tons of sophisticated technical procedure was unloading, extraction bells of containers and packaging. Bells were loaded on 2 special platform trucks, delivered to the port of Kiel, Germany and shipped by ferry to the port of St. Petersburg.

September 4 at the port of St. Petersburg Bell met by representatives of the Foundation “The Link of Times” and journalists. Upon arrival at the port of bells were overwhelmed on special transport to move around the city to St. Isaac’s Square.

September 7 , a solemn meeting of the bells in St. Petersburg. About the arrival of the bells at St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the liturgy was held religious procession from the Cathedral Square to the bells.

On September 8 , a solemn meeting of the Danilov bells in Novgorod. After the solemn prayer in the square in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral performances by the mayor of Novgorod, representatives of the Foundation “The Link of Times”, the Russian Orthodox Church and Harvard University.

September 9 , a solemn meeting of the Danilov bells in Tver. On the waterfront Athanasius Nikitin bell on train platforms were presented to the citizens and guests of the city. September 10, 2008, a solemn meeting of the Danilov bells in Moscow.

On September 12 , Moscow hosted the solemn ceremony of transfer of historic Danilov bells of St. Daniel Monastery.