Usually, customs clearance can be carried out either directly owner of the goods or customs representative – organization which declaration and clearance under the contract.
We solve the following problems:
Given the complexity of customs legislation, introduced by constantly changing, interpretation of many laws, we understand that any entrepreneur will not have time to keep track of all of the above, and improper customs clearance leads to the late delivery, unnecessary costs: on product support, content its temporary storage warehouses, increased customs duties, breach of the packaging and the type of goods, violations of the customs legislation, which entails not only administrative, but also criminal liability.
Turning to our company, you will be able to develop their business, without delving into the complex process of customs clearance..
Turning to our company, you will receive our experience and professionalism, we are ready to use for the benefit of our customers, representing their interests in the customs authorities of the Russian Federation.
Turning to our company, you can be sure that the service in customs clearance of your goods will be carried out in a professional manner and in full compliance with the customs legislation in order to optimize your costs.
Turning to our company, you can be assured that our specialists will be happy to advise you on any matters of customs clearance and free.

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