Largus Company since its opening specializes in the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo .
Careful calculation of the transport and logistics chain, selection of transport route study, coordination and regulation of the movement of cargo on the whole route – our daily work.

After years of work in the field of bulky cargo, we have accumulated a unique experience for the delivery of machinery, equipment, wheeled and tracked vehicles for the mining, metallurgical, machine-building, metal-working, energy and agricultural industries.

Our company specializes in the following main types of transport bulky cargo:
✓local, long-distance, inter-regional transportation in the territory of Russia;;
✓international export-import cargo using motor vehicles;
✓ mixed (multimodal) cargo “door – the door” with the use of several types of vehicles (river, sea, rail, air, road).

The main directions of cargo:
✓ America (Canada, USA, Brazil);
✓ Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan);
✓ Europe (West, East, North, South);
✓ transportation in the territory of Russia, including the delivery of goods in customs transit mode (internal customs transit).

international export-import cargo

transportation in the territory of Russia

``door - the door``